Rockford Student Laura Monahan Wins Stateline Nursing Network (SNN) Award for Best EBP Poster

Poster at Expo with student Laura Monahan and Dr. Rosenberger.

On Friday 4/1/16, DNP student Laura Monahan, pictured here with Dr. Kelly Rosenberger, won the Stateline Nursing Network (SNN) award for best EBP Poster at the 26th Annual SNN Nurses Expo 2016 in Rockford, IL. SNN was designed to provide an environment conducive to sharing of information and fostering the development of professional relationships intended for past, present, and future nurses from hospital, home, occupational, community, private practice and clinical settings. Laura’s poster was titled: "A mentored APN experience to develop interprofessional role competencies for medical and pharmacy students" with Dr. Kathleen Sparbel as her DNP committee chair and Drs. Judie Heinschel, Kelly Rosenberger and Kathy Rugen as committee members. Congratulations Laura!