Urbana Student Blake Butler Featured in Newspaper for High Degree of Service Work

News-Gazette LogoBlake Butler, a student at the College of Nursing's Urbana regional campus was featured for his high degree of volunteer work in the central Illinois newspaper News-Gazette.  The article titled "Graduation Looms for Nursing Student, Service Dog in Training", discusses Butler's work training a service dog "Circie" for the Illini Service Dog program as well as his activities for the program "Love Your Melon" which focuses on children with cancer.

The article makes clear that Butler's volunteer work began before his days at the College of Nursing and discusses his plans after graduation. In the words of Louann Lord, one of Butler's instructors, "[h]e's a compassionate, creative person and a real 'go-getter'."

See Debra Pressey: "Graduation Looms for Nursing Student, Service Dog in Training", News-Gazette (2/27/2016) ,