Rockford Nursing Students Attend No Harm on the Farm Tour

Rockford CON DNP students Kasia Szerlag, Stacy Pillar & CON Rockford Regional Director Dr. Kelly Rosenberger in front of the rescue helicopter.

Rockford nursing students Kasia Szerlag and Stacy Pillar along with Regional Director Dr. Kelly Rosenberger participated in this year's "No Harm on the Farm Tour".  The annual event, held at Scheidairy Farm in Stephenson County, lasts the whole day and is intended to teach medical students about potential dangers facing Illinois rural residents.

As reported in Illinois Farmer Today, the training includes simulations of possible accidents.  This can be anything from a traffic or equipment accident to being buried to the neck in spilled grain ("grain entrapment").  "The simulation is part of the training," the article explains, "for Rural Medical Education (RMED) and Rural Pharmacy (RPharm) students enrolled at the University of Illinois-Rockford. "

The article goes on to quote Mark Meurer, assistant director of recruitment and public relations for the RMED Program, "By experiencing the sights, sounds, smells and working environments of modern agriculture, these future professionals will better understand one of the nation’s most dangerous professions and have a healthier appreciation for their future patients."

For the complete article see, Coulter, Phyllis: "Health Students Experience Risks of Rural Living", llinois Farmer Today (11/25/2015).  Kasia Szerlag and Stacy Pillar are both enrolled in Rockford's Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP).