Study on Use of Chicago's '606 Trail' Featured in Chicago Tribune & UIC News

Photo of trail.
Chicago 606 Trail. Photo: Fabio Castellon

It was the Chicago Tribune back in July that originally reported on this UIC College of Nursing study.  The goal of the study was to look at the health effects of Chicago's new 606 Trail.  Nursing professor Shannon Zenk was principal investigator and UIC Nursing student, Stephanie Tiwari, who was featured in the Tribune article, was the study’s research assistant.  As the article explained: "They've put together a survey whose 31 questions range from 'What is the main reason that you use this trail?' to 'How well do you speak English?'"

Now UIC News has come out with a follow-up article discussing the results.  "They found," the article summarizes, "that regular users of the trail are getting exercise -- and strengthening their sense of community."  "That all sounds good", Prof. Zenk observed, "in terms of the trail's potential to increase physical activity."

Results of the study were presented by Prof. Zenk at the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association.  They will also be shared with the Chicago Park District, the Trust for Public Land, local community groups, residents and agencies.

See article: Corona, Francisca. "Benefits of Chicago’s New 606 Trail More Than Just Exercise", UIC News (11/10/2015).