Large UIC CON Participation at National Nurse Practitioner Conference (AANP)

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Congratulations to the UIC CON faculty and DNP students who participated in the American Academy of Nurse Practitioner Conference last week in New Orleans.  This is the largest NP conference with over 4000 NPs of all specialties attending.  The UIC College of Nursing had great representation!  Below is a list of UIC accomplishments at this year's meeting:

Kathy Rugen, Faculty in BHS, was inducted as a fellow in AANP (primary sponsor was Susan Corbridge).

Danny O'Neill, international post masters DNP student starting in fall 2015, was inducted as a fellow in AANP.  Danny was the first international NP from Australia to be inducted in AANP as a fellow. (Rich McLaughlin served as Danny's secondary sponsor).

Melissa Carlucci, Director of the ACNP program, co-presented with Maureen Smith, former GEP ANP student and current post-masters DNP student, on Obstructive Sleep Apnea:  "Update on Current Practice Guidelines".

Rich Mclaughllin, ACNP and Noel Pycior, FNP (Rockford faculty) led 3 sold-out office procedure workshops.  Charlie Yingling, Director of the FNP program, assisted in the workshops. 

Rich McLaughlin, ACNP, co-presented a lecture on "Critical Care Guidelines Update". 

Susan Corbridge, Director of Graduate Clinical Studies, presented two lectures, "Pulmonary Function Testing" and "Acid-Base Interpretation at the Bedside".