Practicum Requirements

Enrollment Verification

Students who need to have their current enrollment verified should contact the UIC Student Records Office.


Official UIC transcripts can be requested through the UIC Office of the Registrar.

Practicum Experience

Hands-on practical experience is a critical part of the nursing curriculum and is experience gained in the clinical setting. The College of Nursing is committed to providing students with excellent practicum experiences at all levels. The CON partners with hospitals and a large number of healthcare systems on other campuses to provide students necessary hours, certifications for examinations and also the experience and exposure to many aspects of the Nursing profession. Contact Jonathan Reyes via for any Practicum related questions.

Clinical Placements

Pre-licensure Students

BSN and Grad Entry MS student placements are communicated to students via email by the Director of Student Affairs approximately two months prior to the start of clinical rotation.

Post-licensure Students

Graduate student placements are communicated to students by individual program coordinators.

Clinical Sites

Each clinical site has specific requirements. Requirements and deadlines will be communicated to students upon finalization of placement. It is the studentÔÇÖs responsibility to adhere to the requirements and deadlines and any additional paperwork. Please note that if you are at the same site more than once a semester, we still require a set of forms from you for each clinical rotation. 

Mandatory Student Compliance

A major part of CON studentsÔÇÖ learning will take place in a clinical setting with hands-on interaction with patients, families, and other healthcare professionals. As such, the CON abides by the strict terms of our contracts with our clinical partners which require that all students are clinically compliant. As a result, it is imperative that all students complete the mandatory compliance requirements before they are allowed to participate in any CON class or clinical.

Per the UIC CON Handbook (pgs. 19-22), ÔÇ£These clinical requirements were developed in coordination with CDC guidelines for healthcare professionals and guidelines set forth by our clinical partners to ensure student and patient safety. In addition, these clinical requirements are the same for ALL students regardless of degree and/or clinical practicum status and must be adhered to at all times.ÔÇØ [Link]

CastleBranch, Online Compliance Vendor

In order to prove compliance, all CON students are to submit all mandatory compliance documentation to our online compliance vendor, CastleBranch. In addition, CON students are also required to get a current Drug Test and Background Check administered only by CastleBranch (No other drug tests or background checks accepted.)

For all questions on how to order, how to upload documents, your drug test location, etc.,  refer to: the ÔÇÿFAQÔÇÖ tab on the CastleBranch Order webpage, ÔÇÿNew Client FAQÔÇÖ [link], or contact a CastleBranch Service Desk Representative: (888) 723-4263.

Mandatory Clinical Compliance Requirements

All students in the College of Nursing are required to have:

  • Current Drug Test (ordered through CastleBranch)
  • Current Background Check (ordered through CastleBranch)
  • Positive IGG titers [Measles, Mumps, Rubella (German Measles), and Varicella Zoster]
  • Positive Hepatitis B Surface Antibody (AB) titer
  • Negative QuantiFERON┬«-TB Gold test
  • Tetanus and Diphtheria (TDAP) booster within past 10 years
  • Current influenza vaccination
  • American Heart AssociationÔÇÖs Basic Life Support - ÔÇÿBLS ProviderÔÇÖ CPR card
  • Current DriverÔÇÖs License, State ID, or Passport
  • Current RN license (Post-licensure graduate students only)
  • HIPAA Training Certificate
  • CON Documents: Handbook Acknowledgement, Student Affirmation Form, Confidentiality Agreement, and Consent to Release Education Records (FERPA)

Please note: Clinical compliance requirements may be subject to change without notice due to individual and separate policy changes received from our clinical agencies. It is the studentÔÇÖs responsibility to keep track of her/his medical records and to submit required documentation in a timely manner. The Office of Academic Programs will not copy or re-furnish documentation to students for their own records, CastleBranch, or for third parties (i.e., employers). Students should contact their healthcare providers or Student Health Services to obtain this documentation. Lastly, in all instances, students are financially responsible for the cost of compliance requirements and should contact their insurance provider as soon as possible if they have questions about coverage or processes and procedures related to such coverage.

Penalty for Non-Compliance

Students who do not complete requirements will have a ÔÇ£Compliance College SpecificÔÇØ hold placed until they are compliant. They will be unable to register for any future courses until all mandatory compliance requirements are met.  Students who become non-compliant during the course of a term will be immediately removed from all clinical sites and will not be eligible to return until fully compliant with CON compliance requirements. Any clinical days missed as a result of non-compliance, will be considered unexcused absences and opportunities for making up absences are not available. Students may also be subject to other penalties outlined by the course faculty.  Contact the Clinical Compliance Office at if you have additional questions.