Students must register for their required courses during their time at the College of Nursing (CON).  On this page you can find information and helpful hints about the registration process. 

Registering for Courses

Students are required to meet with their Academic Advisor prior to registering for courses. An advising hold is placed on all student records each registration period. The hold will be removed 24 hours after the student has met with their advisor and has had their program plan approved. The CON may also place a hold on a student’s record if the student has not completed all pre-registration requirements (for example, if the student’s immunization records are not complete or if the CON does not have a copy of the student’s current nursing license). Separately, the UIC may also place holds on a student’s record (e.g., additional University immunization requirements that are not complete, outstanding tuition fees). It is the student’s responsibility to clear all holds prior to the registration period. See the UIC Office of Admissions and Records website for more information about the UIC holds.

Course Descriptions

Descriptions of nursing core (NURS), elective (NUEL), practicum (NUPR), and specialty (NUSP) courses are available online. This listing is for informational purposes only and does not constitute a contract. Every attempt is made to provide the most accurate and current information. Courses listed are subject to change without advance notice and are not necessarily offered every term or every year. For some courses, enrollment is restricted and/or priority given to students whose degree plan indicates the need for that specific course in a specific semester.

Course Registration Permits

For courses which require a registration permit, you must obtain the permit from the CON’s Office of Academic Programs (OAP). Neither advisors nor course faculty can issue a registration permit.  Each semester, prior to the opening of registration, permits are automatically issued based on courses included in various program plans.  If you are unable to register for a course you are expecting to take, please contact your advisor to make sure your degree plan is up-to-date. Note that if you receive a registration permit, it does not automatically mean that you are registered for the course. You still have to officially register.

Adding / Dropping Courses

Students may not add or drop a course after the 10th day of instruction in the fall and spring semesters, the 2nd day of instruction in summer session #1, or the 5th day of instruction in summer session #2 unless approved by the CON. Graduate students wishing to add, drop or revise their registration after this deadline must complete a Graduate College Revision Form and a Graduate Student Petition Form, available in the CON’s OAP office and at the CON’s regional campuses.

Undergraduate students wishing to add, drop or revise their registration after the University of Illinois deadline must complete an Undergraduate Student Petition Form and Registration Revision Form and submit it to their advisor and to the Associate Dean for approval. An undergraduate petition to drop a course will only be approved one time during the student’s program.

Course Conversion

Effective fall 2010, all courses in the CON were converted from the course subjects NUAS, NUMC, NUMS, NUPH, NUPS, NUSC, and NUWH to the new course subjects NURS (Nursing Core), NUEL (Nursing Elective), NUPR (Nursing Practicum) and NUSP (Nursing Specialty).  PDF or Excel listings of the old and new course subjects and numbers can be accessed by clicking on the preferred format.

Registration Holds

You will not be able to register for courses until you have met with your Academic Advisor and have received approval to register. This applies to all students for all terms. If you have met with your Academic Advisor but are still not able to register, only then contact the CON’s Office of Academic Programs. Please note that a registration hold is different from a registration permit.

Registering for a Multi-Part Course

Register for all parts of any "multi-part" course which includes labs, lectures, clinical, discussion sections, etc.

Scheduling Clinical Placements

When scheduling classes, students should plan on being in attendance from the exact start time to the exact end time. It is extremely important for all students to allow travel time between campus and the student's clinical site.

Registration Quick Links


For questions regarding your course of study and course selection, contact your Academic Advisor.

For general assistance with Registration, call the Registration Help Line

For registration inquiries specifically related to the CON, contact Academic Operations at

For questions regarding your plan of study and course selection, contact your Academic Advisor.