Brigid Lusk, PhD, RN, FAAN

  • Adjunct Clinical Professor

Dr. Lusk is a nurse historian and Director of UIC's Midwest Nursing History Research Center. Before coming to UIC in 2012 Dr. Lusk served for eight years as Chair of the School of Nursing and Health Studies at Northern Illinois University. Her research focus is the history of nursing practice in the US over the last 150 years. Dr. Lusk's scholarly work in history has resulted in multiple articles and presentations at national and international nursing and archival conferences.

Current Area of Teaching

Invited speaker on the history of nursing and healthcare in clinical and theoretical introductory nursing classes. I also teach nursing history via independent study to undergraduate and graduate nursing students.

Service / Practice

Director, Midwest Nursing History Research Center
Archivist, Midwest Nursing Research Society
Editorial Board Member and Book Review Editor, Nursing History Review
President, American Association for the History of Nursing, 2010-2012
Chair, Local Arrangements Committee, AAHN 2016 conference
Development, with Kevin O'Brien UIC Archivist, of a digitized data base of Illinois Training School images. Funded through a $10,000 grant from the estate of Dr. Martha Pitel.

Selected Honors & Awards

2015 AAHN President's Award for outstanding service to the AAHN
2014 Fellowship in the American Academy of Nursing
1996 AAHN Teresa E. Christy Award
1982 Membership in STTI
1971 Gold Nursing Pin, awarded for highest overall excellence in nursing program

Selected Publications

Lusk, B., Keeling, A., and Lewenson, S. (in press). “Using Nursing History to Inform Decision-Making: Infectious Diseases at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.” Nursing Outlook.
Keeling, A., Lusk, B., and Kulbok, P. (in press). Culturally Sensitive Primary Health Care Interventions: Three Exemplars. In S. Lewenson, M. Londrigan, & A. Sonenberg’s Caring for Populations: Practicing Primary Health Care in Nursing. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett
Lusk, B. (2011). “Nursing’s Central Role in the Care of Individuals with Cancer: 1900-1940.” Oncology Nursing Forum, 38, (6): E1-E6.
Lusk, B. (2010) Nursing Patients with Cancer in the 1950s: New Issues and Old Challenges. In P. D’Antonio & S. Lewenson’s (eds.) Nursing History: Interventions through Time (123-138). New York: Springer.
Lusk, B. (2005). “Prelude to specialization: U.S. Cancer Nursing, 1920-1950.” Nursing Inquiry, 12 (4) 269-77.
Lusk, B. (2005). “Overlooked soldiers in the cancer wars: Nurses and cancer, 1880-1950." Research Reports from the Rockefeller Archives Center (
Lusk, B. and Sacharski, S. (2005). “Dead or alive: HIPAA’s impact on nursing historical research.” Nursing History Review, 13, 189-197.
Lusk, B. & Lash, A. (2005). "The Stress Response, Psychoneuroimmunology, and Stress Among ICU Patients." Dimensions in Critical Care Nursing 24 (1), 2-8.
Lash, A. & Lusk, B. (2004).“Systemic Lupus Erythematosus in the Intensive Care Unit.”  Critical Care Nurse, 24 (2), 56-65.
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Lusk, B. (1997).”Historical methodology for nursing research,” Image, Journal of Nursing Scholarship, 29, 355-359.
Lusk, B. (1997). “Professional classifications of American nurses, 1910 to 1930,”Western Journal of Nursing Research, 19, 227-242.

Current Research

Further examination and analysis of nurses' role in the care of patients with cancer, with particular focus on early radiation therapy and its impact on patients and nurses.

Development of a history of the Midwest Nursing History Research Center (Funded through a $10,000 gift to the MNHRC from Dr. Karyn Holm).

Working with a group of nurse historians to develop a history of the Illinois Nurses' Association, funded through the INA Foundation.