Carrol Ann Marschner Smith, PhD, RN

  • Clinical Assistant Professor

Community Health and Global Health interest me the most. I have taught in China, Thailand, Indonesia, and most recently in Rwanda, East Africa. I was in Rwanda for one year to advise the director of a nursing school and to teach faculty and students at that school. I also taught an English class to nurses at the hospital. I have learned how the cultural mores and local ways of doing things affect how people respond to all efforts to change.

Current Area of Teaching
  • Community Health and Global Health for Women
Selected Honors & Awards
  • 2011, Illinois Nurse Educator Award from the Illinois Board of Higher Education
  • August, 2012-July, 2013, selected for the inaugural group to work in Rwanda, East Africa for one year. Participated in "Human Resources for Health", a program to help improve nursing and medical schools in Rwanda. The program is largely funded by the Clinton Foundation and will last for seven years with new groups going from the U.S. to Rwanda every year.
Selected Publications
Current Research
  • Suggestions Made for Violence Prevention by Lesbian Women Who Have Formerly Abused Their Female Intimate Partner(s).

My program of research focuses on the health of lesbian women in the community. I am interested in violence prevention for lesbian women who are abusive toward their female intimate partners. I am also interested in global health and will be publishing further articles based on my year in Rwanda, East Africa.