Post-DNP Certificate

The Post-DNP certificates are designed for DNP-prepared nurses to qualify for national credentialing in a specialty in which they are not currently credentialed.  We plan to offer the post-DNP Certificate in the following areas:

The fall 2018 application is available at  The application deadline is May 1, 2018.

Application process

  • Begin your application by visiting the UIC Admissions Graduate Application Page -
  • In drop down menu for list of programs, select “Campus Certificate – Nursing Practice Post-DNP” and the click on the application link.
  • We are ONLY accepting applications for fall 2018 at this time. If any other terms appear as an option in the application, do NOT select them. The fall 2019 application will be available this summer and the application deadline will be January 15, 2019.
  • Since the program was only recently approved and we are passed the standard January 15 DNP application date, please note that the application has special instructions: “For Fall 2018, applicants for the Post-DNP Campus Certificate must check the Special Use box on the Background & Residency page of the application, then provide the code "dnpcert18" in order to select the Post-DNP Campus Certificate programs.” The application will remind you of these instructions.
  • Within the application, in the background and residency section, you will see the checkbox to enter the special use code at the very top of the page. You must check this box and enter the code of dnpcert18 in order to see the specific specialty options within the application.
  • After entering the code, select your preferred concentration/campus. The University Admissions Office has informed us that for certificate applications, they are NOT able to change applications once they are submitted. If you apply to the wrong program, you will have to submit a whole new application and submit a new application fee. Please be sure you select your intended specialty/campus!
  • While the University only requires certificate applicants so submit proof of bachelor’s degree, the College of Nursing requires your DNP transcript. Please upload your DNP transcript through the additional credentials link in the application. If you did your DNP at UIC, you do not need to submit a UIC transcript.
  • The application requires one essays and one letter of recommendation. For the recommendation, please enter the name/e-mail of your reference when requested in the application and your reference will be e-mailed the recommendation link.
  • Shortly after the application deadline, all applicants who submitted a complete application will be contacted to set up an interview with DNP faculty.