Wendy Bostwick, PhD, MPH

  • Associate Professor

Wendy Bostwick, PhD, MPH, is an Associate Professor in the Health Systems Science Department, College of Nursing, at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She received her MPH and PhD in Community Health Sciences from UIC and completed post-doctoral training at the University of Michigan. Wendy conducts research related to health disparities among sexual and gender minority populations, with a focus on mental health and substance use among bisexual women. She has been engaged in women’s health activism, research and advocacy for over 20 years. Her research incorporates multiple methods including survey research, qualitative interviews, and electronic diaries. Her current work explores how stigma and discrimination influence health and health behaviors, including how microaggressions associated with race, gender, sexual orientation and their intersection affect mental and physical health. Her work has been supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities, and the American Institute on Bisexuality.

Current Area of Teaching

Health Disparities and Social Determinants of Health


Service / Practice

Board of Directors, The Guttmacher Institute
Board of Directors, The Global Environmental Health Lab
Adjunct Faculty, The Fenway Institute
Co-Founder, The Bisexual Research Collaborative on Health (BiRCH)
Editorial Board, The Archives of Sexual Behavior

Selected Publications

Bostwick, W.B., Hughes, T.L., Everett, B. (2015). Health outcomes among a community-based sample of lesbian and bisexual women. LGBT Health, 2(2): 121-126. doi:10.1089/lgbt.2014.0074.

Bostwick, W. B., Meyer, I., Aranda, F., Russell, S., Hughes, T., Birkett, M., & Mustanski, B. (2014). Mental health and suicidality among racially/ethnically diverse sexual minority youths. American Journal of Public Health, 104(6), 1129-1136.

Bostwick, W., & Hequembourg, A. (2014). ‘Just a little hint’: bisexual-specific microaggressions and their connection to epistemic injustices. Culture, health & sexuality, 16 (5), 488-503.

Mustanski, B., Birkett, M, Green, G.J., Rosario, M., Bostwick, W.B., Everett, B. (2014). The association between sexual orientation identity and behavior across race/ethnicity, sex, and age in a probability sample of high school students. American Journal of Public Health, 104(2), 237-244.

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Bostwick, W.B. (2012). Assessing bisexual stigma and mental health status: A Brief Report. Journal of Bisexuality, 12: 214-222. DOI:10.1080/15299716.2012.674860

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