White Coat Ceremony at UIC College of Nursing

Students with their new white coats standing in the CON Yard
White Coat Ceremony (Sat.9/12/15). See more photos below...

Since 2013, the White Coat Ceremony has been an early milestone in the undergraduate and master’s program for nursing students at UIC. Held each September, the ceremonial cloaking each new student in a College of Nursing lab coat symbolizes his or her transition into nursing education. By accepting the coat, the student affirms a commitment to becoming a professional nurse who provides compassionate and high-quality care.

For the school year 2015-2016, the White Coat Ceremony was held on Saturday, September 12. Nursing doctoral candidate Laren Riesche, BS, MSN, RN, delivered a motivating keynote. Then the students collectively recited the UIC College of Nursing oath, adapted from the Florence Nightingale Pledge and the American Nurses Association Code for Nurses.

Dean Terri E. Weaver addressed the class, explaining, “The White Coat Ceremony today was both celebratory and inspiring.” She noted that this event is one of the few occasions that students from all of the college’s six campuses come together.

Both BSN and MS students received their white coats as well as their Humanism and Excellence pins before taking the oath.  

“I am impressed by the diversity of our new student body and their excitement about entering the profession,” said Weaver at the reception following the ceremony. “It was indeed a celebration of nursing.”

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