While I Am Here : The Life and Legacy of Anne Larson Zimmerman : A Dramatic Production

-- Video from the Dec. 12, 2016 performance.

Passionate about nursing, human rights  and nurses' economic welfare, Anne Zimmerman, 1914 - 2003, was the long-time executive director of the Illinois Nurses' Association and served as president of the American Nurses Association from 1976 to 1978.

Geraldine Gorman, PhD, RN and Brigid Lusk, PhD, RN worked with students, faculty, and nurses in the community to present a performance celebrating the life of Anne Larson Zimmerman. They were awarded funding from the UIC Council for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in order to engage students in a unique learning experience. Two courses were offered over the past academic year researching Zimmerman’s life through archival research and oral histories. The research culminated in this performance.  Over twenty nurses, directed by students in the theater department, told of Anne’s life through words and song.

Script by Geraldine Gorman, PhD, RN. Direction by Electra Tremulis and Christian Helem. Featuring 25 nurses and nursing students. Supported by a Center for Teaching/Learning grant awarded to Dr. Gorman and Dr. Brigid Lusk, PhD, RN, FAAN.

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