Research on Postpartum Depression by CoN Faculty Featured in HuffingtonPost

Photo of Prof Alana SteffenPhoto of Prof. Aleeca Bell Research by CON professors Dr. Aleeca Bell and Dr. Alana Steffen along with colleagues from other institutions was featured in last week's Huffington Post.  In an article titled, "A Blood Test Could Show If A Woman Is At Risk For Postpartum Depression", reporter Rebecca Adams explained that postpartum depression (PPD) affects a significant number of new mothers but "researchers haven't been able to single out those who may be particularly at risk".  This may change thanks to the study which identified an oxytocin receptor blood marker which if present, increased the likelihood of PPD "nearly three times". Since this is the first time such a relation has been identified, more research naturally is required. Nevertheless, the implications, Adams concludes, are "huge".

In addition to CON Drs. Bell and Steffen, the research team included Drs. Rubin and Davis (UIC Dept of Psychiatry), senior author Dr. Connelly (University of Virginia), oxytocin expert Dr. Carter (Kinsey Institute), creator of the ALSPAC database Dr. Golding (University of Bristol) and Psychiatrist Dr. Harris (Johns Hopkins University).

Results of the study appeared on July 21, 2015 in the journal, Frontiers in Genetics.