Outreach at UIC College of Nursing in Springfield

"Meet and Greet" and other information sessions are an important way for prospective students to learn about programs at UIC College of Nursing (CON).  These sessions can also include, as a recent article on CON's newest regional campus in Springfield explains, everything from help filling out the application form to evaluating transcripts.  The article which appeared in UIS' The Journal describes one "meet and greet" as attracting a "steady stream of curious students".

The article goes on to discuss other audiences that Regional Director, Dr. Cynthia Reese, intends to reach:

"Reese stated that she is also currently focused on reaching out to potential applicants, as well as building relationships with the Springfield community. She also hopes to connect with hospitals, high schools, and community colleges in and around Central Illinois in order to increase the number of applicants in future years."

The article also discusses other current activities of the Springfield Regional Campus as it gears up for its first semester of classes scheduled for Fall 2016.

See article, Homolka, Dalton. "Nursing Program Holds Meet and Greet", The Journal (12/9/2015).