UIC College of Nursing Ranked #1 in Top Ten by InternationalStudent.com

InternationalStudent.com, a website offering information and advice to foreign students thinking of studying in the U.S., UK or Australia, has ranked UIC's College of Nursing number one in its "Top Ten Nursing Programs in the US".  The ranking in turn is based on World Health Organization ratings.  The entry reads:

1. University of Illinois at Chicago

"The University of Illinois College of Nursing is ranked as one of the top 10 nursing programs in the US by the Global Network of WHO Collaborating Centres (WHOCCs). Students from all races, continents and backgrounds will learn from award-winning professors and clinicians at the University of Illinois. These professionals are generating nursing research that directly improves the lives of patients in our local and global communities."

See webpage: "Top Ten Nursing Programs in the US" (InternationalStudent.com).