Innovative Research by University Scholar Tonda Hughes Featured in UIC News

Front page of UIC News for 3/9/16The innovative research by University Scholar and College of Nursing Professor Dr. Tonda Hughes is featured in this week's issue of UIC News.  In fact, Dr. Hughes made the cover of the publication.

In the article, titled "Making Strides in Understudied Area in Women’s Mental Health", the research is described as "longest running" and leading to extensive follow-up projects.  Its focus is on "women’s mental health and substance use, with a particular emphasis on sexual minority women, an area identified by the Institute of Medicine as greatly understudied."

This has led to new understanding.  "Our work on childhood victimization," Dr. Hughes explains, "has begun to point to another potentially critical factor underlying these health disparities -- mainly, the enduring impact of sexual and physical abuse into adulthood.”

The article is one of several discussing the important research of this year's set of University Scholars.

See: Hostettler, Sam, "Making Strides in Understudied Area in Women’s Mental Health", UIC News (3/8/2016).