Assoc. Dean Nancy Valentine Interviewed on Avoiding Risks in Pregnancy

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Photo of Dean ValentineAssociate Dean Nancy M. Valentine was interviewed by the magazine, Fit Pregnancy, on risk avoidance in pregnancy.  The occasion was an article titled, "Military Wives at Risk of Pregnancy Problems" which discussed research on expectant military wives whose husbands were away serving overseas.  These women, the article reported, were "three times more likely to experience premature birth or postpartum depression (PPD)."  The article then turned to Dean Valentine for information on what to do in such situations.

"One of the most powerful interventions", Dean Valentine advised, "is to educate women early on.  Let them know that because of their military situation, they could potentially be at higher risk.  It doesn't mean they're going to have these problems, but it engages the mother to work out a care plan."  Dean Valentine then went over a number of stategies including staying with parents and seeking the care of a midwife.

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