Eleven Recipients of '40 Under 40' Award Have CON Connection, Including Prof. Charles Yingling

40 Under 40 LogoIt happened on Thursday, Aug. 20, 2015. The Illinois Nurses Foundation and the Illinois Healthcare Action Coalition announced the 40 winners of the Inaugural "40 Under 40 Emerging Nurse Leaders Award".  The goal of the award, in the words of the event page, is "to celebrate dedicated service to the population, encourage exemplar dedication to the nursing profession, and promise to grow in leadership for the advancement of nursing in Illinois."

Of the forty winners of this new award, eleven have connections with UIC College of Nursing either as alumni, as a current student, or in the case of Prof. Charles Yingling, as both an alum and current faculty member.  See below for complete list.  As explained in the announcement, "Winners were chosen by a panel of their peers based on their achievement in the profession, leadership and community & association involvement."  The award ceremony will take place on Sept. 17th at Rush University.  More information about the event can be found here...

List of 40 Under 40 Award Recipients with Connection to the UIC College of Nursing:

UIC CON Alumni & Current Faculty

  • Charles Yingling, DNP ’12, MS ’05

UIC CON Alumni

  • Amanda Hopkins, PhD ’10, MS ’05, BSN ’99 
  • Erin Raether, BSN ’08
  • Jennifer Bond, BSN ’02  
  • Amber S. Kujath, PhD ’11, MS ’08
  • Michelle Heyland, MS ’13
  • Monique Reed, PhD ’11
  • Elizabeth Florez, PhD ’13
  • Juana Ballesteros, BSN ’99
  • Sam Logan, MS ’15, BSN ’12

Current PhD Student

  • Dan Fraczkowski