Valerie Waldschmidt

  • Research Coordinator

Research Coordinator and Research Specialist: Lead, Education and Information Technology
University of Illinois-Chicago; Institute for Healthcare Innovation.

In this position, I coordinate research activities required to monitor the quality assurances and manage the reporting needs of a statewide healthcare demonstration project. I collaborate with a variety of professionals in both the government and private sectors to facilitate the development, maintenance and evolution of complex care management information systems; refine data collection methods; create automated and ad hoc reporting mechanisms; and serve as the subject matter expert on the data system to users and contractual partners when issues arise. Additionally, this position involves working with research specialists and advanced-practice clinicians to develop education and training materials used with business partners, care managers and program participants and their family members and caregivers. Providing guidance and consultation on educational best practices and technology is a significant part of the educational component of this role as well. In addition to these key functions, assisting with writing, editing, formatting and submitting publications is another major component of the role.