• Director, Advanced Population Health, Health Systems Leadership & Informatics
  • Clinical Associate Professor
  • Associate Department Head

The goal of my professional and scholarly work is to facilitate the exchange of evidence and data for school nursing to maximize child health and education.  My focus is on the collection and dissemination of data that supports child health in the school setting. 

My  contributions are in 1) the adoption of information technology; 2) increasing the dissemination of professional resources and evidence; and 3) increasing skills in the use of data and knowledge to advocate for child health and well-being in school nursing and achieving the Triple Aim of care, health and cost.

Current Area of Teaching
  • NURS 542. Health Promotion Theories and Population-focused Interventions
  • NUPR 595 Clinical Options for Advanced Population Health
  • NUPR 596 Partnering with Populations and Health Assessment
  • NUPR 557 DNP Practicum
Service / Practice

Lead Faculty & Coach, Johnson & Johnson School Health Leadership Program

Selected Honors & Awards
  • National Association of School Nurses Outstanding School Nurse Educator Award, 2015.
  • Judith Lloyd Storfjell Distinguished Practice Award, University of Illinois Chicago College of Nursing, 2015. Recognition of faculty or alumnus with outstanding contribution to nursing practice
  • National Association of School Nurses Outstanding School Nurse Educator Award, 2015. Recognition of outstanding school nurse educator’s significant contributions to school nursing
  • National Association of School Nurses President’s Recognition Award, 2015. Uniform Dataset (Step Up and Be Counted) Steering Committee: In recognition of the development of the national school nurse data set efforts and demonstration of unwavering commitment to the future of school nursing and the quality of school nursing services
  • Fellow, American Academy of Nursing, 2013. The most prestigious honor in the field of nursing recognizing significant accomplishments and extraordinary impact on the profession and health care
  • National Association of School Nurses President’s Recognition Award, 2012. Recognition of advancing the evolution of school nursing research and integrating the association’s research agenda into policy and practice
  • Fellow, American School Health Association, 2008. Leadership and services to the field of school health
  • Fellow, National Association of School Nurses, 2002. Unique and extraordinary contributions to the advancement of professional school nursing practice
Selected Publications
  • Bergren, M.D. (2016). HIPAA, FERPA & the privacy of student health information in individual healthcare plans. In S.Will, M.J. & D.S. Zaiger (Eds). Individualized healthcare plans for the school nurse (In press). North Branch, MN: Sunrise River Press.
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Current Research
  • School Nurse Sensitive Critical Indicators

  • Uniform National School Nurse Dataset