Judith Heinschel, PhD, PMHNP-BC

  • Assistant Professor

I am interested in several aspects related to health, healing, and nursing. Areas of particular interest and expertise include: curriculum development, implementation and revision; healing; interactive guided imagery, and mental health. The holographic paradigm, implicit and explicit realities, and factors related to healing capture my interest. My long term goal is to build and refine the conceptual model of the phenomenon of interactive guided imagery, work I initially began in my doctoral program.

Current Area of Teaching

I have 26 years of experience teaching, for undergraduate and graduate nursing students as well as medical students and residents. Current and recent teaching areas include advanced practice nursing roles and policy development for psychiatric - mental health nurse practitioner students; applied pharmacotherapeutics; family behavioral health; group dynamics, behavior and interventions; nursing inquiry; and family-focused health management in primary care.

Current Research

Recent or current DNP Scholarly Projects that I have been a committee chair or member involve motivational interviewing in primary care, integration of primary and mental health care, dementia recognition in hospitalized patients, and anxiety screening in primary care patients. My personal research interest lies mostly in theory development and interactive guided imagery.

Clinical Setting

Until recently, I held a position as a Psychiatric - Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at the University of Illinois Family Medicine Clinic, in Rockford, IL.