Geri Kirkbride, RN, PhD, CENP, CPPS

  • Adjunct Clinical Assistant Professor

The goal of my professional and scholarly work is to assist in the design of safer systems for patients and healthcare professionals. My patient safety lens draws from my extensive clinical background and 10 years of experience in nursing administration.I am currently employed as a Patient Safety Nurse Coordinator in a 500 bed teaching hospital. My role supports proactive risk assessments,analysis of patient safety events, implementation of system-level improvements, and compliance with regulatory standards. I graduated from the University of Iowa in 2014 with a PhD in Nursing Systems-focusing on patient safety. My research explored nurses experiences with smart pump technology, focusing on nurse-initiated workarounds. I am currently Certified in Executive Nursing Practice (CENP) and Certified Professional in Patient Safety (CPPS). I have served as adjunct faculty, teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Current Area of Teaching

NUSP 540: Nursing Administration Models, Policies, and Governance