Donna Calvin, PhD, FNP-BC, CNN

  • Clinical Assistant Professor

Donna Calvin PhD, FNP-BC, CNN is currently a clinical assistant professor at University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), College of Nursing, Department of Health Systems Science. She is a certified family nurse practitioner and certified nephrology nurse.

Dr. Calvin is passionate about preventing diabetes complications specifically end stage renal disease and to that end the focus of her research is preventing the progression of chronic kidney disease. The results of her dissertation research revealed that the population queried did not believe that they were at risk for the three major diabetes complications that disproportionately affect African Americans; kidney failure, amputations and blindness. She was instrumental in organizing and maintaining a chronic kidney disease clinic for the sole purpose of preventing diabetes complications including, the progression to end stage renal disease. She has been involved with various community health promotion activities, including co-facilitating a monthly diabetes support group.

Current Area of Teaching
  • NUSP 515 Health Management Primary Care I
  • NUSP 516 Health Management Primary Care II
Service / Practice

2016 - present International American Medical Mission (IAMM) board member
1985 - present Trinity United Church of Christ Health Ministry, Chicago IL
1989 - Vice Chair Co-facilitator of a diabetes support group

Selected Honors & Awards

 2010 Midwest Nursing Research Society, Health Seeking Behaviors Outstanding   Dissertation Research Award
 2008  Advanced Education Nursing Trainingship
 2003 University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing Health Disparities in   Underserved Populations Grant (NIH T32 #NR007964)

Funded research

2006-2007  Calvin, D. African Americans’ Perception of Risk for Diabetes Complications. National Kidney Foundation Certified Nephrology Nurse & Technician Research Grant

2005 Calvin, D. The Perceived Susceptibility of Co-Morbid Conditions of Type 2 Diabetes in South Africa. University of Illinois at Chicago College of Nursing Minority International Research Training Grant (NIH # TW000057)

Selected Publications

Fogelfeld L, Hart P, Miernik J, Ko J, Calvin D, Tahsin B, Adhami A, Mehrotra R, Fogg L.(2017). Combined diabetes-renal multifactorial intervention in patients with advanced diabetic nephropathy: Proof-of-concept. Journal of Diabetes Complications 31(3), 624-630 doi: 10.1016/j.jdiacomp.2016.11.019.

Bockwoldt, D., Staffileno, B., Coke, L., Hamilton, R., Fogg, L., Calvin, D., Quinn, L.(2016)  Understanding experiences of diabetes medications among African Americans living with type 2 diabetes. Journal of Transcultural Nursing. doi: 10.1177/1043659616651674

Calvin, D., Watley, S. (2015). Diabetes and hearing loss among underserved populations. Nursing Clinics of North America, 50(3), 449-456 doi: 10.1016/j.cnur.2015.05.001

Calvin, D. (2013). A possible explanation for African Americans’ poor type 2 diabetes outcomes. NBNA News,          Fall 2013 p.23

Calvin, D., Quinn, L., Dancy, B., Park, C., Fleming, S., Smith, E. (2011).  African Americans’ perception of risk for diabetes complications. Diabetes Educator, 37(5), 689-698.doi10.117/0145721711416258

Hain, D., Calvin, D., & Simmons, D. (2009). CKD education: An evolving concept. Nephrology Nursing Journal, 35(4), 317-319.

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