Catherine Moe, EdD, RN, CNE

  • Visiting Clinical Instructor

Dr. Moe began her nursing career in the critical care setting as a new diploma graduate. After completing her BSN degree at UIC in Urbana she began teaching in a hospital based education department; a position she held for seven years. Shortly after completing her MS in Nursing at SIUE, she began teaching undergraduate students . Since that time she has taught many students at all levels in the medical-surgical clinical setting. In addition to the vast experience she has teaching clinical, she has also taught entry level baccalaureate students in the classroom and lab settings and graduate level courses for graduate entry students. She earned her doctorate in Ethical Leadership. Her interests include transitioning nurses from the student role to practice, professional development, helping students to develop critical thinking, how to best teach ethics to nursing students, and technology in instruction.

Current Area of Teaching

Dr. Moe teaches foundation of nursing concepts in both the undergraduate and graduate entry programs. Other courses include a graduate entry course on ethics, culture, and communication as well as undergraduate courses on leadership, health assessment, and research concepts.

Selected Publications
  • Moe, C. S. (October 31, 2014). Relationship of ethical knowledge to action in senior baccalaureate nursing students. Presented at Blessing Health System Annual Research Day. Quincy IL.
  • Moe, C. S. (May 7, 2014). History of honor societies. Presented at Honor Society Induction Ceremony to Senior Nursing Students. Urbana, IL.
  • Moe, C. S. (August 23, 2007). A model for care mapping during clinical. Presented to Lakeview College of Nursing Faculty. Danville IL.
Current Research
  • Moe, C. S. (2015). Relationship of ethical knowledge to action in senior baccalaureate nursing students. Dissertation in progress. Olivet Nazarene University.