Angela B. Maeder, RN, PhD

  • Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr. Maeder's interests include use of oxytocin infusion for labor induction and augmentation, and labor outcomes, such as length of labor and cesarean delivery rate, for women across BMI groups. Specifically, Dr. Maeder is interested in the safe and effective administration of intravenous oxytocin, and how this relates to labor outcomes for women across BMI groups and their newborns. Additional areas of interest include nurse decision making regarding intrapartum nursing interventions, and differences in endogenous oxytocin for women across BMI groups.

Dr. Maeder received her PhD in Nursing Science from the University of Illinois at Chicago in 2015 and her BSN from the University of Nebraska Medical Center in 2005.

Current Area of Teaching

Dr. Maeder currently teaches NURS 345: Clinical Concepts and Processes in Women’s and Family Health


Service / Practice

Dr. Maeder currently practices as a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse.