Electives for Fall 2017

Below is a listing of electives that will be offered Fall 2017.  If you are interested in any of the following courses, please make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your program plans.  The course must be listed in your program plans in order to receive the permits necessary to register.  For more details regarding the courses, please visit the complete schedule on the portal (https://ossswebcs.admin.uillinois.edu/PORTAL_UIC/classsch.html). 

NUEL 394: Issues in Global Health (CRN 41212).
3 credit hours.
Instructor: Dr. Linda McCreary
SPECIAL NOTE: This is 2-week course that takes place in the summer. Credits applied to the fall semester.  July10th – July 21st, 2017. Monday-Friday(9am-3pm), held at the Chicago campus. In-person attendance is required.
This elective offers a unique opportunity for our undergraduate students to participate in a course with visiting students from Japan and South Korea while examining nursing issues that affect the global community.  If you have any students that may be interested in this course, please encourage them to register.  For more information on this enjoyable and rewarding elective, please review below or contact the Global Health Leadership Office at ghlo@uic.edu.

NUEL 510: Instructional Design and Delivery in Nursing and Health Sciences (CRN 41349).
3 credit hours.
Instructor: Dr. Teresa Krassa
Comprehensive introduction to teaching/learning theory, methods, and strategies for instruction and enhancement of learning in the classroom, clinical, and online.

NUEL 524: Sociocultural and Ethical Issues in Palliative Care (CRN 40812).
3 credit hours.
Instructor: Dr. Teresa Savage
Using ethical principles as a framework, this course explores social, cultural and political factors that influence palliative care for patients and families across the life span.

NUEL 585: Research Seminar

  1. Topics in Grantmanship: CRN 39922- Instructor Dr. Carol Ferrans. 1-2 hours.
  2. Writing: CRN 39923- Instructor Dr. Phoenix Matthews. 1-2 hours

NUEL 594: Special Topics: Advanced (CRN 37377)
Genetics Research
Instructors: Dr. Aleeca Bell & Dr. Mary Dawn Koenig

This introductory course on genetics/genomics research exposes PhD students to the application of genetics/genomics in research. Students will develop a research question that could be addressed using a genetic/genomic method in their early career trajectory. Contact course instructors Dr. Koenig (marydh@uic.edu) or Dr. Bell (abell2@uic.edu) for more information.

NUEL 594: Special Topics: Advanced (CRN 40196)
Foundations for Practice in Global Health
1 credit hour.
Instructors: Dr. Charles Yingling & Dr. Susan Walsh

Prepare students for practice and/or interested in health care in high to low-resource settings both locally and globally. Content areas: Health as a Human Right, Primary Health Care, Cultural Humility, Leadership in Global Health Systems, Social and Environmental Determinants of Health, Health Implications of Migration and Displacement, and Global Burden of Disease.

NUEL 594: Special Topics: Advanced (CRN 41230)
Ethical Issues in Research
Instructors: Dr. Teresa Savage & Dr. Matthew Lucas

TITLE:  Not your traditional research ethics course: historical context, current structural and practical issues, and your dissertation
SUMMARY: The purpose of this course is to provide in-depth and critical examinations of students’ dissertation topics with regard to ethics. Each week 1-2 students will briefly present their topic and approach, followed by discussion about ethical challenges to the work. These might include, but not limited to: question/hypothesis development, recruitment, reflexivity and positionality of investigator, analytic approach, and IRB proposal development. Structural and practical ethical considerations will be included in course content along with readings and recommendations directly related to students’ dissertation topics. The course will be interactive, with an expectation that all students will contribute to discussions. This topics course is available to all doctoral students at UIC with preference given to students at the College of Nursing and those developing dissertation proposals.

NUEL 594: Special Topics: Advanced (CRN 41432)
Nature and Functions of Sleep
Instructors: Dr. Bilgay Izci Balserak & Dr. Mary Kapella
This 3-credit course provides an overview of sleep and sleep parameters across the lifespan from childhood to older adulthood. Components of sleep mechanism, chronobiology, gender differences, and metabolism related to sleep will be addressed, as will the effect of stimulants, medication, and naps on sleep.  Near the end of the course, we look at sleep measure and sleep-related outcomes.