Bachelor of Science


Program Overview

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree from the University of Illinois at Chicago will provide you with an excellent foundation for a fulfilling, lifetime career as a nurse – one of the fastest growing professions in the U.S.

As one of the nation’s leading colleges of nursing, the UIC College of Nursing offers an excellent education with some of the nation’s foremost nursing leaders as your instructors. You will be surrounded by energetic and supportive peers, receive personal and professional guidance, and work with outstanding clinical partners.

The UIC College of Nursing offers two routes to completing the BSN:

  • Traditional BSN
  • RN-BSN completion


This route is for students who do not hold an RN license.

The traditional BSN is not an accelerated degree program. Courses are completed over the course of four full-time semesters (2 years, no summers). Students are admitted to the traditional BSN program during the fall semester only at either the Chicago, Springfield or Urbana regional sites. Applicants will specify the regional site of choice during the application process.

Admission into the traditional Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) program occurs at the junior level* after completion of 57 credit hours of college level prerequisite course work. The curriculum in the traditional BSN program incorporates face-to-face instruction and hands-on practical learning from day one. Upon completion of the traditional BSN program, you will be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for Registered Nurses in order to receive the RN license and practice as a nurse generalist.

* Students who hold a bachelor’s degree (or higher) in another field are also eligible to apply to the traditional BSN program.


This route is for students who currently hold an RN license.

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) completion program is for RN licensed students seeking to complete the bachelor’s degree. The RN-BSN completion program is offered through UIC’s School of Continuing Studies and is completely online. Students in the RN-BSN online completion program receive the same high-quality education as students in the traditional classroom setting, including information-rich course content, personalized attention, access to educational resources, library services and a network of faculty, staff and other students who take pride in education. Upon successful completion of all course work in the RN-BSN program, you will earn a fully accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Illinois at Chicago. 

Applications are accepted at any time during the year with cohorts for the RN-BSN online degree completion program starting in January and August of each year. Full-time and part-time enrollment is available. If enrolled in full-time, back-to-back terms, you can complete the program in approximately 16 months.

Please note: The University of Illinois is not authorized to offer online distance education programs to students residing in the State of Maryland. As of December 15, 2014, no new Maryland residents will be allowed to enroll in online programs.

For more information regarding the RN-BSN completion program, visit the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Program website. 

Admissions Requirements


While the College of Nursing does not admit first year students directly into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing, applicants seeking admission into the UIC as freshmen are encouraged to apply to the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences (LAS) as an undeclared major. In doing so, you will indicate pre-nursing as your educational goal in the undergraduate application. With a pre-nursing educational goal, you will receive advising from a staff of pre-health advisors in LAS for completion of the nursing prerequisite course work. 


If you are an academically talented high school student and planning to apply as a freshman to UIC, you should also consider applying for the Guaranteed Professional Programs Admission (GPPA) program. Admission into the GPPA program guarantees you admission into the College of Nursing in your junior year. Students admitted in to GPPA, are still required to complete all nursing prerequisite course work and maintain all GPPA required academic standards prior to beginning the nursing course work (junior year). 

Admission into the GPPA program is competitive. The most successful candidates to the GPPA program will meet the following criteria:

  • ACT score of 28 or higher (or SAT score of 1240 or higher)
  • Rank in the top 15% of their high school class

For more infomration on how to apply to the GPPA program, admission requirements, and applicable application deadlines, please visit the GPPA website.


Application Deadline: January 15th

Admission into the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program occurs during the fall semester only.

Admission into the BSN program is competitive.  For full consideration, the following minimum admission criteria must be met*:

  1. 2.75/4.00 cumulative transfer GPA
  2. 2.50/4.00 natural science GPA
  3. Completion of three of the five prerequisite science courses (by the application deadline: January 15th)

Additional documentation may be required for International applicants. Please visit the Office of Admissions International Student Admission Requirements page for details. 

*Important notes:

  • Meeting the above minimum admission criteria will result in a review of your completed application but is not a guarantee of admission.
  • An application for admission may be submitted while course work is in progress. However, all prerequisite course work must be complete by the end of the Spring semester with a grade of ‘C’ or better.
  • The five prerequisite science courses must have been completed within seven years of starting the BSN program.
  • An applicant must have all BSN prerequisite courses completed by the end of the Spring semester before the start of the program.
  • Selected applicants may be called in to interview with faculty, after the application deadline. Only applicants who meet the minimum application requirements, and complete the entire application process before the application deadline of January 15th, will be contacted for an interview.

Prerequisite Courses

Prerequisite courses can be completed at any accredited college or university (including community colleges). 

The UIC’s Office of Admissions offers individual pre-admission counseling appointments to transfer students who may have questions regarding the application and transferability of courses. Please call 312.996.4350 to schedule an individual appointment with an Admissions Counselor.

If courses are taken outside of UIC then use Transferology to determine equivalencies.  If you are unsure about whether or not a class is transferable, please contact Michael Behlke at



General Chemistry (lab required)

4-5 hours

Organic / Bio Chemistry (lab required)

3-5 hours

Anatomy & Physiology I, II (lab required)

8-10 hours


3-5 hours


Lifespan Development

3 hours


3-4 hours

Human Nutrition

2-3 hours

Upper Division Elective**

3 hours




English Composition I, II

6 hours

Understanding the Past*

3 hours

Understanding the Creative Arts*

3 hours

Exploring World Cultures*

3 hours

Individual & Society (Introduction to Psychology)

3 hours

United States Society (Introduction to Sociology)

3 hours

Total Minimum Hours

57 hours


* UIC students can consult the UIC Catalog for approved courses in each category.  Non-UIC, please see Transfer Tool Information below.

** Upper Division Elective: Students may choose a course from one of these categories: physical sciences, life sciences, mathematical sciences, social sciences, fine arts, performing arts, or humanities. Must transfer to UIC as a 200 level (or higher) course. Though the requirement may be completed after entry to the program, it is very highly recommended that students complete an upper division elective with other pre-requisite courses prior to enrollment.

*** The number of elective hours will vary according to the number needed to total 57 credit hours after all prerequisite requirements have been met.

Transfer Tool

Please utilize Transferology – an online tool that will help you view program requirements, course equivalencies, and see how courses you have taken or plan to take transfer to UIC and the College of Nursing. 

Degree Requirements

Traditional BSN

The Bachelor of Science in Nursing program consists of a minimum of two years of intensive study in a set curriculum. Course work is a blend of didactic and clinical experiences. Below is a sample full-time traditional BSN schedule. The sequence of 300-level clinical courses will vary depending on the degree plan you develop with a College of Nursing advisor.

Fall Semester I

Course # Course Name Semester Hours

NURS 202

Concepts and Processes of Professional Nursing


NURS 210

Health Assessment


NURS 225

Introduction to Clinical Concepts and Processes


NURS 215

Pathophysiology and Applied Pharmacology I




Spring Semester II

Course # Course Name Semester Hours

NURS 335

Clinical Concepts and Processes in Adult Health


NURS 345

Clinical Concepts and Processes in Women's and Family Health


NURS 217

Pathophysiology and Applied Pharmacology II


NURS 375

Concepts and Processes in Older Adult Health




Fall Semester III

Course # Course Name Semester Hours

NURS 355

Clinical Concepts and Processes in Children's and Family Health


NURS 365

Clinical Concepts and Processes in Mental Health


NURS 322

Introduction to Nursing Research and Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice




Spring Semester IV

Course # Course Name Semester Hours

NURS 385

Clinical Concepts and Processes in Population-Focused Nursing


NURS 390

Nursing Leadership and Management in Healthcare


NURS 397

Issues in Nursing Practice


Nursing Elective

Minimum requirement of two hours of electives chosen from 300 or 400 level nursing courses and selected with an advisor







Consult the UIC Catalog for course descriptions.

RN-BSN Completion

The curriculum of the 30-credit hour RN to BSN online degree completion program consists of the courses listed below, which are to be taken in the order as shown. While this is the preferred order to complete the courses, UIC understands that life events and other circumstances may interrupt your education. You will be assigned an advisor who will assist you throughout your enrollment and with any schedule changes as you complete the program.

Please note that your UIC transcript will show a total of 63 credit hours earned through the University of Illinois at Chicago as you will receive 33 hours of proficiency credit in recognition for having a current RN license in addition to the 30 hours of nursing coursework.


Order of
Course J


NURS 210: Health Assessment









NURS 242: Concepts/Processes for Contemporary Nursing









NURS 385: Clinical Concepts/Processes in Population-Focused Nursing









NUEL 310: Exploring Complementary/Alternative Practices

OR NUEL 394: Special Topics









NURS 322: Introduction to Nursing Research/Statistics for Evidence-Based Practice









NUEL 316: Nursing Informatics









NURS 390: Nursing Leadership and Management in Healthcare









NURS 397: Issues in Nursing Practice








Total Hours Required


*Students will take either NUEL 310 or NUEL 394 depending on when they start the RN to BSN program. 

Completion Schedule

The typical course load is one course per eight-week term. Each course is eight weeks in length except for one four-week summer course. You can complete your RN to BSN degree in 16 months if you choose to take courses in back-to-back terms.

For more information regarding the RN-BSN completion program, visit the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Program  website.

How to Apply


Application Deadline: rolling

The RN-BSN Completion program has cohorts beginning in January and August each year. For information on how to apply, visit the Bachelor of Science in Nursing Online Degree Program website.


Application Deadline: January 15th

The traditional BSN admits for the fall semester only. Prospective transfer students are encouraged to complete the application process early. All application materials, including all required credentials and supplemental materials, must be submitted and post-marked by deadline for full consideration. 

The application process varies slightly for students applying as UIC Inter-College Transfers and those who are applying as Transfers (all non-UIC students) from other institutions. With the exception of official transcripts, the application process is entirely electronic. Please follow the appropriate application instructions for your transfer type. 



Inter-College Transfers
(UIC Students Only)

(non-UIC Students)


Fall 2016 Internal BSN Application Request Form

UIC Web Application 

2.Application Fee


$50.00 non-refundable
(waived for UIUC and UIS applicants)

3.Essay Questions

embedded within Internal BSN Application

embedded within UIC Web Application


uploaded to the Internal BSN Application

uploaded to UIC Web Application

5.Prerequisite Self-Evaluation

embedded within Internal BSN Application

uploaded to UIC Web Application

(download form here)


two PDF letters, submitted electronically

two PDF letters, submitted electronically

7.Official Transcripts

upload Academic History to Internal BSN Application

mailed to the Office of Admissions by application deadline

1. Application:

UIC Inter-College Transfers: Request the Internal BSN Application. You will need your UIC net-ID and password. Within 3-5 business days, an email will be sent to your UIC email with a link to the BSN Supplemental Application.

Transfers (all non-UIC Students): Due to the supplemental application materials required of all Nursing applicants, we highly recommend the use of the UIC Web Application system. While applicants are welcome to utilize the Common Application, the special needs of our process are better met with the use of the UIC Web Application.

2. Application Fee:

A non-refundable $50.00 application fee is required of all non-UIC, UIUC, or UIS applicants. Application fees or fee waiver requests will be submitted upon completion of the UIC Web Application.

3. Essay Questions:

The College of Nursing essay questions are required of both UIC Inter-College Transfers and Transfers. It is best recommended that you draft your responses to the essay questions before beginning your application. Your responses should reflect clear thought and show good use of grammar and punctuation. Once submitted, you will not be allowed to edit your responses.

  1. What is your understanding of the role of the professional nurse and why have you chosen to pursue nursing as a career? (max. 250 words)
  2. The mission of the UIC College of Nursing is to transform health, healthcare, and policy through knowledge generation and translation, and education of future leaders from diverse backgrounds.  Our vision is to be a preeminent leader in advancing global health and nursing.  Please comment on how you can contribute to the UIC mission and vision as a student and alumni. (max. 250 words)
  3. What does it mean to have a commitment to diversity?  How would you develop and apply your commitment to diversity at UIC? (max. 250 words)
  4. Describe a stressful or challenging situation you have experienced and how you dealt with it. Looking back, would you do anything differently?   Please explain. (max. 250 words)
  5. Many nursing students find being a full-time nursing student demanding and rigorous.  How will you balance your family, work, and other commitments with full-time nursing study? (max. 250 words)
4. Resumé:

A resumé is required of both UIC Inter-College Transfers and Transfers. Your resumé should reflect the following information, if relevant:

  • Previously earned degrees
  • Employment history
  • Volunteer or public service activities (numbered list with name of organization/activity, responsibilities, and dates of service)
  • Previous nursing courses
  • Computer skills
  • Proficiency in any language other than English. Please indicate proficiency level as weak, good, excellent, fluent or native. 

UIC Inter-College Transfers: Upload to the Internal BSN Application.

Transfers (all non-UIC Students): Within 3-5 business days of completing the UIC Web Application, you will receive an email from the Office of Admissions instructing you to begin uploading required documents. You will be able to upload a PDF formatted resumé to your UIC Web Application upon receipt of this message.

5. Prerequisite Self-Evaluation:

Prerequisite Self-Evaluations are required of both UIC Inter-College Transfers and Transfers. The Prerequisite Self-Evaluation will indicate to the College of Nursing which of the prerequisite courses have been completed and are yet to be completed.

UIC Inter-College Transfers: Complete the prerequisite self-evaluation table (question #9) embedded within the BSN Supplemental Application.

Transfers (all non-UIC Students): Download the BSN Prerequisite Self-Evaluation Form. Please be prepared to upload a completed PDF formatted form upon request (see resumé instructions above).

6. Recommendations:

Two electronic PDF letters of recommendation are required of both UIC Inter-College Transfers and Transfers. At least one recommendation should come from someone who can speak to your scholastic ability. The second recommendation can come from a professional or academic reference. Personal references from friends, relatives or co-workers will automatically be disregarded.

It is your responsibility to verify submission of all electronic recommendations by the application deadline. Hard copies are not accepted and can only be submitted by the recommender via the method described below. Applications without two recommendations are considered incomplete.

UIC Inter-College Transfers: Enter the contact information for your recommender in the BSN Supplemental Application. A request for a recommendation will be sent to your reference via email AFTER YOU HIT SAVE in your completed BSN Supplemental Application.

Transfers (all non-UIC Students): You will be able to enter the contact information for your recommenders in the UIC Web Application AFTER you receive the email notification from the Office of Admissions requesting for you to begin uploading documents (see resumé instructions above).

7. Official Transcripts:

UIC Inter-College Transfers: No official transcripts are required during the application review process. However, official transcripts may be required after admission if courses are taken at an institution other than UIC post-admission. An Academic History upload is required for the application, in pdf format.

Transfers (all non-UIC Students): Official transcripts are required from every college/university attended since high school. Official transcripts must be mailed to the Office of Admissions at the following address by the application deadline. Transcripts received after deadline will result in your application being considered incomplete.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions, MC 018
University of Illinois at Chicago
Suite 1100 Student Services Building
1200 West Harrison Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607-7161